Quickoffice Connect Suite for Android

Want to Manage Microsoft Office documents in your Android Phone?  It is now possible with the Quickoffice Connect Suite application. It helps you to create, open, edit and save Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, anywhere, anytime, right from your Android phone.


Quickoffice Connect Suite 1 Quickoffice Connect Suite 2


Besides the possibility to create, open and edit Microsoft Office files 97-2008 (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX), you can view the most popular file extensions on attachments to e-mail directly from your Android phone.

Quickoffice Mobile Connect Suite is also compatible with the extension ZIP compression, which allows you to view and copy the files from compressed folders to other directories, and has extensions to support PDF, iWork, HTML, PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG, TIFF, MP3, and many others. In concluding their work, save it on your virtual hard disk or memory card from your phone.

Quickword: Word Processing Documents

  • Create, open and edit Microsoft Word documents
  • Formatting text, bold, italics, underline, font size and font type
  • Word count
  • Wrap text at any zoom level, without horizontal scrolling
  • Setting the indentation level of bullet lists, numbered paragraphs
  • Search for text in documents
  • Set the paragraph alignment
  • Facility to see tables with lots of width
  • Processing high-fidelity
  • Auto-save and auto-restoration
  • Issue marker and numbered lists
  • Support for DOC, DOCX, TXT

Quicksheet: Excel Spreadsheet Editor

  • Create spreadsheets, open and edit Excel
  • Use the mechanism for calculating professional
  • Support for advanced features of Excel
  • Copy and paste cells, columns, rows and ranges of cells
  • Dynamic update of the formulas
  • Set or remove cell boundaries
  • Edit font type and size
  • Search text in spreadsheets
  • Add, rename, delete and rearrange worksheets within a single spreadsheet
  • Tap, hold and drag the column or the row to increase or decrease the width or height of the row or column
  • Formatting color, bold, italic, cell background, font and symbols
  • Easy to change inputs and recalculate them
  • Auto-save and auto-restoration
  • Compatibility with XLS and XLSX
  • Editing in landscape mode

Quickpoint: PowerPoint Presentation Editor

  • PowerPoint presentations Open and edit the text of the slides
  • Support for multi touch zoom levels with continuous zoom and scrolling flick
  • Showing presentations in portrait or landscape
  • Slide continuously through the slides
  • See presentation slides automatically or manually
  • Quick navigation with Go to Slide

QuickPDF: PDF Viewer

  • Open PDF files, including password protected and encrypted files
  • Multi-touch zoom with zoom levels and support for continuous scrolling flick
  • Display pictures in Page View or reading the text that fits in any zoom level, eliminating the need for horizontal scrolling
  • Search for text
  • Fast navigation with the Go To Page
  • View and navigate bookmarks
  • Turn documents
  • Hyperlinks, email addresses and phone numbers

Get Quickoffice Pro for Android.