QWiPS: Adds Voice To The Social Web

Voice has become an indispensable tool for communication. Be it related to work, friends or anyone else, thousands of voice messages are recorded every day. There are only few services, at present that allow adding voices to all the social snippets that we share today on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.  One such service is QWiPS, a new social voice platform.

The application allows you to instantly add your real voice to the social conversation by voice-tagging photos, Tweets, emails, Facebook posts. QWiPS gives you the ability to create 30-second voice captions, voice comments, voice-overs, spoken stories or rants in your voice!

What’s New in QWiPS version 1.1.3

UI Improvements:

  • Added total number of QWiPS to your library
  • Improved login password experience

With QWiPS you can,

  • Tag a photo with a voice caption telling the story or inspiration behind the photo
  • Add authenticity, nuance and passion to any Tweet; you can’t fake a Qwip
  • Give context to videos by tagging them with a voice intro, voice over, or narration
  • Intensify static emails and email newsletters with a voice signature, voice content, and voice tips.
  • Easily create a voice eCard using themes and share it with your friends and family. You can even add effects and alter your voice message to sound like a robot, chipmunk, etc
  • ¬†Create a threaded, voice conversation via the social web. Friends, colleagues, and family can easily respond to your messages via QwipBacks

QWiPS is not the only first company to come up with the idea of adding voice to social web. There are many similar services such as Fotobabble that adds voice to photos and TinyVox which allows users record up to 30 minutes of shareable audio through an old-school tape recorder interface.

Visit QWiPS. Get the QWiPS iPhone app from here.