RapidShare Announces RapidDrive To Compete head-on with Dropbox and SugarSync

Following Microsoft and Google, the Swiss-based file-hoster, RapidShare this week unveiled a new cloud sync and storage service called RapidDrive.

RapidDrive from Rapidshare

According to the press release, the new file management service presented by RapidShare will have the ability to integrate seamlessly into the Microsoft RapidPro customer accounts.

The accounts will be included in the Windows folder structure and displayed under Windows Explorer as an additional hard disk. Users can select the drive letter (say ‘R’ or ‘S) and label, autostart and right-click menu options in the RapidDrive user interface to access the service options.

On access, the menu options will allow a user to copy a file link to the Clipboard which can then be pasted into emails or messages so that other users can download the linked files to their systems. However, before this a user will have to activate the following option –  “Use RapidShares right-click menu”. The option is visible under RapidDrive tool.

The service will help users upload or download files easily from within the file manager without having to go through the Rapidshare website, thereby saving a considerable amount of time. The service will create a closer link between cloud storage and PC environment that will help customers store files to RapidDrive easily.

However, files that you copy to the service will not visible in the File Manager instantly. Why?? Files which are being saved to RapidDrive will first be moved to the temporary save location after they are uploaded. So, it may take up to 5 minutes or more for files to be displayed. So, if system messages are enabled a confirmation message should be visible once the upload is completed.

Please note that RapidPro is necessary for RapidDrive use. Also, RapidDrive is like an external hard drive and therefore cannot be used to run software. The final release is expected to begin somewhere in first week of September, after completion of the testing phase. RapidDrive Beta, compatible with Windows XP/Windows Vista and Windows7 is currently available for download for RapidPro customers from the following HERE.