Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse Review

Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse is a powerful accessory for 3D shooters aficionados and the ones who want customizability in their mouse. Razer doesn’t provide support for Windows Vista drivers, but except few issues, the mouse performs superbly well.

Razer’s new DeathAdder comes neck to neck with Logitech G5 Laser mouse. At $60 Razer’s mouse is the same price, but DeathAdder offers much more customizability and accuracy. That would be enough to attract audience. Casual users will love the side buttons on the mouse. With some pros comes the cons, it doesn’t have dedicated buttons for switching between sensitivity settings.

It has rubberized coating on the top surface, which prevents excessive sweat. And the 7-foot USB cable enables DeathAdder to reach some peculiar setups. It bears a large scroll wheel, and 5 thumb buttons at side which are customizable from mouse’s software.

Setting up the mouse is as easy as ABC.  Windows recognized it without asking the user to install any software. If you are content with the mouse’s default settings, then you can keep the CD away. But we advise gamers to see the settings at least once.

You will find Razer software stout and innate. The settings window lets you adjust button assignments, polling rate and the DPI settings, which can be extended to whooping 1000Hz and 1800dpi. Such high settings give DeathAdder excellent responsiveness and accuracy. You can also customize pointer speed and apply some acceleration effects to cursor to make it crawl quicker.

Razer’s drivers lets you set and save profiles for DeathAdder, for when you want to change DPI settings quickly.  You can also program macros to stick different key combos to single click of the mouse. Macro feature was ideal, but DPI switching is less than perfect. You can use button to switch between different DPI profiles but you can’t use it to series through different sensitivities. A button on the bottom enables you to switch through different profiles, which is not at all at ideal location if you are in middle of gaming session.

The DPI switching was really a pain. But 1000Hz polling limit and responsive side buttons give it a green light.