Razer Electra Headphones Review

November 2011 has been a month of new launches. We saw some of the best phones, games, laptops and electronic gadgets being launched. Razer, a company well known for PC gaming accessories launched its Electra gaming headsets and boy, they are something every gamer must have. Let’s have a quick look at the Razer Electra gaming headsets.


Razer Electra Headphones Review

First look at the Razer Electra Gaming headsets and you simply love the matt black finish with green highlights. Holding the headsets, the body of Razer Electra gaming headsets feels sturdy complimented with ultra comfortable leather cushioning for the ears. The ear cups are large and completely cover the ears, isolating you from the outside world. The ear cups with leatherette lining are extremely comfortable. The headsets do not clamp around the ears too tightly. The headphones fit just right.

 Razer Electra Headphones

For its sheer large size, the Electra gaming headsets feel pretty light in the weight department. A 1.3 meter wire with 3.5mm jack is provided in the box to connect the headset to a PC or laptop. Unfortunately for PC users with no audio connectors in the front the wire might end up being too short and use of extender cables is advised.


 The 40mm neodymium drivers in the Razer Electra headsets execute their job with elegance producing rich sound quality. Bass, jazz, you name it and the Electra delivers like a pro. For a headset with no noise cancellation technology integrated into it, the Electra delivers superb sound quality. Being a gaming headset, the Razer Electra delivers its best in this department. The sounds of growling, rustling, bullets flying across and rockets from rocket launcher are all crisp. With 5.1 surround sound being enabled, the audio experience is phenomenal. The audio does not crack even at max volume settings.


All in all the Razer Electra gaming headsets are superb headsets but with its heavy price tag and competitors like Sennheiser the Razer Electra might have less customers going in for them.

Things we liked:-

  • Superior sound quality
  • Superior comfort
  • Sturdy with good build quality.

Things we did not like:-

  • Too expensive
  • Short cables

Razer Electra Headphones Price

US$ 59.99 or INR 3299/-.