How to reach your Friends on their Phone via Facebook

Facebook has become an indispensable tool for communication. It connects you with your friends and others who work, study or live around you. It also makes easier for you to reach your friends on their phones via its messaging services. These services simplify how messaging works. So, let us in this post learn more about sending messages and explore some of the basic but very popular features of Facebook that help us reach our friends.

How to send a message to your friend on his phone via Facebook?

  • Login your Facebook account and go online for chatting if you are offline.
  • Now, while chatting if you notice a ‘MOBILE’ icon adjacent to your friend’s name in the chat sidebar, it indicates that your friend is using either some messenger service for Facebook or Facebook for Mobile app so no matter whether he is online or offline your messages will be sent automatically/delivered to his phone.
  • Messages sent will be grouped and saved as ongoing conversation type rather than by date or subject line. So, your friend will be able to access all your chats or messages as one seamless conversation.

If you too text a lot you can sign up for Facebook Text Messages. You just need to select your country code (e.g. ‘1’ for US/Canada) and enter your mobile number without any special characters. If your number starts with a zero, be sure to also remove any leading zeros.

You can also download Messenger or Facebook for Mobile.

All aside, how will you know if a friend has seen a message that you had sent?

Simple, when someone sees or reads your most recent message, it will be marked as seen. That way, you always know who has received the message, and who hasn’t. Note that this feature becomes a part of every message you send, whether it’s from your phone or the web.

Get Facebook for Mobile App and Facebook Messenger for Mobile.