How to Read PDF Files Sent as a Mail attachment in iBooks

There is Adobe Reader and tons of other programs for iOS that allow you to view, download and save PDF files, attached to your e-mail messages. However, if you have iBooks app already installed on your iPad then there is no need to install such additional programs.

iBooks has been specifically designed for reading ePUB files but, it can be used for PDF files too. Thus, one can easily copy a PDF file attachment to his iPad and use it for later reference, or may be organize it in a better way so there is no need to dig around the Mail app to find it, when needed.

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In this post we will let you know how to read PDF files in iBooks

Read PDF files sent as an attachment to your email messages in iBooks

  • When you have a PDF file you want to save from a mail message, just press and hold the attachment icon until a gray screen is visible to you.
  • The screen displays options to view the file in Quick Look mode. To open it in iBooks, select the option that says ‘Open in iBooks’ and your PDF will be copied to iBooks.
  • The copied PDF file will appear in the PDF section of iBook’s virtual bookshelves from where it can be read anytime you want, just by tapping it.
  • If you sync PDFs to iPad, iBooks might save these PDF files directly. In this case, to read a PDF file you should launch iBooks and tap the Collection on top left side of the main interface to select the desired PDF.
  • Then, tap to open the PDF on the virtual shelf.

Other PDF- compatible programs too handle the files in a similar manner if you choose the ‘Open With…..’  option and pick a different app other than iBooks. On final note, if you’ve been searching for a quick way to view and read PDFs on your iPad you should consider iBooks, it’s surely one easy way out!

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