Get Ready for 50% Discount Sale on RIM BlackBerry PlayBook [Alert]

The main topic of discussion going on is about the Research in Motion’s (RIM) delay in the release of its BlackBerry PlayBook Tablets and drastic results from the first few days of its sales. It is said that this Canadian based cell phone carrier has been giving 50% discount on the BlackBerry PlayBook in an internal sale.

There is been an unpleasant news for the Research In Motion’s sales of the PlayBook series. Earlier in a meeting the Co-CEO of RIM Mike Lazaridis announced his intentions on the sales of the PlayBook to rise up by plugging in some deals and offers.  The 7 inch PlayBook tablet has hit a sluggish sales response on its first few days of release.

This 7 inch 16GB tablet is said to be re-priced from $499.9 to $249, a whopping 50 percent cut down.  Whereas the 32GB PlayBooks go down from $599.9 to $349 and the 64GB playbook are priced at $399 from $699.9. Rogers (Canada), the partners of RIM have announced this offer on all Rogers employees. So, wait for some days, Some of leading careers around the globe will announce the same offer too.

RIM promises to restore the drawbacks pointed out from the critics by updating the applications and including some of the features like native email, PIM, etc. Hence with such changes we are hoping to see whether the sales hike up or continue at a low paced rate as it was during its launch.

As of now RIM has managed to ship 200,000 PlayBooks which is poor compared to the great hype it had received during the promotions way back in April. When compared to the shipping of the Apple iPad which was more than 300,000 during its launch in April 2010, RIM PlayBooks sure have a long way to go. One more factor pulling of the shares down is the presence of the Apple iPad in the market. With such a competition it sure is a difficult task to manage the sales.

Complaints that have been received are the faulty operating system of some of the units and the need to correct them has been major issue.  Hence these points pull down the sales of the PlayBook tablet.

Rim, the BlackBerry maker, has seen a financial breakdown with dropping sales, which once used to top the charts in the Smartphone market. So there have been various speculations on the survival of this company’s Playbook in the market. Its gross profit margin has gone down from 44.5 to 38.7 percent as a result the RIM s share lost 19 percent of their value.

Keeping all flaws aside let’s hope that the forecast of Mike Lazaridis comes true and they come back with a better version of the PlayBooks thus making their shares hike up once again like the old times.