Pictures of iPhone’s Plastic rear shell leaked, affordable iPhone 5 in the making? Rumor

Case manufacturer Tactus has leaked the images of the rear shell of iPhone’s much rumored low-cost iPhone. The white rear shell appears to have been made from plastic polycarbonate and resembles the back casings of iPhone 3G and 3GS. This might be a hint towards its multiple color availability. The case was spotted by the Tactus during a visit of the plant that provides components to Foxconn.

Tactus iPhone 5 shell leak

Tactus also claims that the phone will be available in Black, White, Red, Blue and Yellow colors. From the selection of colors, it is not difficult to guess that they are targeting the multicolor options of Nokia Lumia and thus its appeal too. Apple has not yet made any acknowledgment that it is planning to launch a low-end model of its best selling product.

Tactus further adds that shell is a bit taller and wider than the iPhone 4/4s and isn’t as rounded as the iPhone 3Gs. The tapered to a flat back design of the leaked shell is an affordable option without compromising on style. It further makes claims on the actual phone itself adding that it will be 120 x 62 x 9 mm in dimensions, will be powered by A5 Processor, will have 3.5 inch retina display and a 5 MP rear camera.

Tactus even mentions that iPhone 5 will go on sale on October 15th for US $300, although we advise to take it with a pinch of salt since it is unlikely that manufacturing supply chains have device launch plan details. Last week Tactus also released an iPad 5 mold case picture.

Tactus iPad 5 case leak

A few days back there was a new research report claiming that iPhone 5S, low-cost iPhone and new iPad shipments will be delayed as compared to the previous expectations. The reports also confirmed a plastic shell for the budget iPhone and mentioned that it might not be as thin as Apple would like it to be. We’ll again advise you to treat all the rumors with a grain of salt and further suggest you to go over our article for Rumors related to iPhone 5S and Galaxy Note 3 for a collection of all previous rumors till date.

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