5 reasons why you will buy iPhone 5 definitely

The new sensational iPhone 5 is nearly on the verge to get release and hit market. While People along with Apple has already given hint that the launch is going to be in September this year. Till now only rumors have been spreading about the name, quality features which this phone is going to have.

The iPhone 5 is going to be full mind blowing gadget with all compatibility and allocated features. The iPhone 5 is going to be included with some of the amazing features listed below.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition is going to be the best part of technology that iPhone 5 is going to have. The feature is so perfect that it wont unlock unless your face is in front of the screen or the camera. It has been said that this function will identify user based on their facial expression.

Video Chat

With iPhone 5, you will have the best advantage and experience in video chat. You are always guaranteed with the best performance in video chatting with your friends, relatives, or who ever it might be. It will also guarantee no interruption in your video conversation.

Dual Core Processor

There are very less Smartphones which has Dual Core Processor in the world. Infact Apple itself is going to be mobilized with Dual Core Processor in iPhone 5 for the very first time. This advanced feature will give users a better experience with related to high quality audio, video and photographic resolution.

Extended Battery Life

iPhone 5 is expected to be providing 14 hours of talk time on 3g along with 7 hours projected on 4G. Not just this, it will also offer a standby of 600 hours (which is actually twice the standby time of the iPhone 4) in the latest version of iPhone 5.

Additional Storage Capacity

Since 2009, Apple hasn’t increased the storage capacity of their Smartphones related to both iPad and iPhone. But after that this is going to be the first time in almost two years, when Apple iPhone 5g is expected to provided with a bunch of 64 GB of memory. This additional storage capacity will boost users mind and experience in reserving their complete data and information.

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