Five Reasons to Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note

If you have plans to buy a Smartphone and Tablet, both at the same time and you don’t have the ample budget and don’t want to spend that much at the same time then consider buying a machine called the Samsung Galaxy Note. People, it is much more than a smartphone and it can function as a tablet.  What else one can ask for? We, in this article, will try to find out the five most important reasons you should go for the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Tablet & Smartphone

This handset has a 5.3inch mega screen which has light and thin design with the tag of being the 1st Hd Super AMOLED display. The screen provides you with an immersive screen viewing as it has a 1280x800p resolution. The sheer screen size is so powerful that when the note is in your hand you will feel that it is a high-end tablet. It has a 1.4GHz dual-core processor which is well complemented by a 1GB RAM. It comes with a 16GB onboard memory and a further 32GB of Memory can be added via microSD card.

Feel Free to do Anything

This ‘big thing’ is not only big in size but the offerings are also pretty big. It enables you to virtually do anything that you want with this handset. You can capture the images and fine-tune them to your liking with the S Pen. Then, you have S Memo that lets you sketch all your ideas with the mixture of handwriting, images, digital words and music.

High Performance Personified

It has got an 8Mp rear camera with that you can catch every moment in high definition. The vivid and large display gives you viewing a whole new meaning. Whooping 2500 mAh battery stretches the longevity of the Note and lets you use all your favorite features and apps for more time.  Then it has HSPA + 4G LTE which combined the 1.4 GHz dual-core processor enables the Note to fly with immense speed.

Office on Your Palm

You can stay connected with important meetings even if you are on the go. Cisco WebEx brings web conferencing, instant messaging, telephony, and fixed mobile communication capabilities to a mobile workforce. You can open and view docs, update them and you can approve and disapprove expenses as you have Virtualization Solutions.

The Android Benefit

At the present moment, the Galaxy Note runs the Android 2.3 Gingerbread and it will in the future be upgradable to the IceCream Sandwich 4.0. With this handset in your hand you will not have the feel of a mobile, instead, it will make you think that you have an Android Honeycomb-based Tablet on your palmtop.

There should not be a single thread of skeptical thoughts left in your respective minds, dear readers, that what this thing called the Samsung Galaxy Note is all about. So, don’t wait to grab your thing now!!


  1. Hi Nitin, you mentioned 4G LTE. Is it available in the Galaxy Note available in India? I thought it has been made available only in a few countries so far; maybe not in India. Can you confirm?

  2. Hi Nitin. The current model of the Galaxy Note in India has 16 GB internal storage. I believe there is a variant with 32 GB internal storage, which is available in some other countries. Any idea if this 32 GB model will be coming to India soon?

    (Note: I am NOT talking about the microSD memory card. I am talking only about INTERNAL storage.)

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