10 reasons to move from Facebook to Google+

Many analysts wonder about the likelihood of success of Google’s new social network Google+ and its ability to compete with Facebook. I think we can not compare Google+ with Facebook because it is not just another social network, but it is a new entity on the Internet that made Google restructure its services – we cannot deny that Facebook has the lead in social networking and has a huge user base. But there are reasons that made ​​me think of doing away with Facebook, and use Google+ instead.

       1. Integration of Google+ with other Google services:

Of the most important features in Google+  is the  integration  with other Google services, by connecting all of  Gmail, GTalk chat and the personal profile and Picasa , and the Private Messages in Google Plus are the same Gmail emails. Do not forget also the other Google services, where they are a big difference when combined.

       2.  The ease in the management of contacts:

Google Circles , one of the most beautiful properties available in the Google Plus , due to its flexibility in controlling the groups of parents and friends in an easy way than the available in Facebook.

        3.  Android OS :  

“Android” operating system made ​​by Google, the most widely used smart phone system in the market,  certainly will give Google a push to provide its applications to work seamlessly with this new social network , through ease of communication and sharing  pictures or conversation

        4.  Easy access to new things and sharing it :

Google Sparks Service , is another feature where Google excels on Facebook. Google used its capabilities and expertise in search , and has provided in Sparks the easier  way to get something new and share it with your friends , unlike Facebook, where to get  a new content , you are obliged to browse outside the Facebook , and certainly  you will use Google to search for it.

        5. The ability to download all your data and your information:

Many problems revolved around the privacy and the protection of Facebook users. While Google provides you with a very nice feature to load your data and updates and all your photos. with one Click.

       6. Picasa and sharing photos:

Sharing photos in Google Plus is originally Picasa service, which is characterized by a lot of options and tools.

       7. Collective Conversation:

One of The wonderful services in Google Plus is  “Hangouts”  which is a video conversations and the meeting of a group of users at the same . But Facebook has recently issued this feature through  an agreement with Skype to provide video calls.

        8. Privacy of share :

Privacy was always been too controversial for many analysts and users in social networks , but Google was aware of this issue since the beginning through the idea of ​​”Circles”  and the possibility of selection of the circle you want when you add each update or writing something new.

        9. Google,  best place to store your data:  

Building a social network is a host of users’ information on the servers of the hosting company. Google is a more mature company, which in my opinion, it could be trusted more than Facebook. Google logo known as “Don’t Be Evil”.

        10.  What can Google do  in the future? :

Google has a lot of services that bring in large profits, such as advertising services Adsense, AdWords, and perhaps it will integrate them into Google+  as it did in Blogger and YouTube. Google “CheckOut” is also a great feature that may add to its network.  You can count all Google services and predict how Google plus will be if it was integrated with all of these services.

Do you agree with me…or do you still prefer Facebook!?


  1. this article really didn’t give any good reasons to move from Facebook to Google+. you seem to forget that Facebook is just a “Social Networking” site. i started to write a long response to this article and changed my mind. why? what does the added Google+ features mean to people such as myself who just want a simple place to say HI to Mom, friends and coworkers. i do not need the integration, collective convos, added Circles or Android OS, because i use iPhone. there are people, such as myself, who have mastered ALL of the nuances of Facebook. we are not afraid of Privacy, Contact Management or Sharing whether it be external or internal content. bottom line, no. i do not agree with you. your post was extremely biased and opinionated in favor of a service that hasn’t even learned to walk. if you catch me in about 12 months, it may be a different story.

  2. Ilyes, watchout for my article tmrw where I shall show ten reasons to stay away from Google+. You believe in healthy competition right ? :D :)

  3. I think its still early to conclude the real potential of G+. I look at it as great addon to existing google services and make them far more fun to work with. Google Plus is a revamped dashboard but far from replacing facebook. Best thing for users is facebook has a probable competition.

  4. Okay, I agree with most of this, but remember.. all of these sites need to make money, so you have to choose the less evil option that works for you. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and any public company has a obligation to their shareholders before they have one to you. Sorry, just the way it is.

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