5 reasons why the Nokia Lumia 710 will be a success in India

Nokia stated at its launch that the Nokia Lumia 710is primarily targeted for the Asian countries to give them a powerful smartphone within the affordable price bracket. Here, we take down a few reasons as to why the Nokia Lumia 710 will be a success in India :

1. Pricing :

Indians want everything to  be ‘sasta’ with no compromise on the quality. And the Nokia Lumia 710 is just that. With an expected price of INR 18,000, this new product from Nokia is all set to sway the users off their feet. It has got great high-end features at a compelling price which I am pretty sure the Indian consumer market wont take for granted. The Nokia Lumia 710 is here to stay.

2. Dimensions :

A recent survey revealed that a majority of Indian mobile users donot want a buggy mobile device which doesn’t fit into their trouser pocket. They prefer a slim, sleek phone which does all the required tasks with elan and even more. With 119 mm x 62.4 mm ratio of  height/width, the Nokia Lumia 710 will be a sweetheart in this category. Weighing just 125.5 grams, this device is light-weight, has a slim body, adaptable and yet beautiful. BINGO!

3. Operating System :

Windows Mobile OS didn’t work for Microsoft. and so did the Symbian OS for Nokia. When Microsoft came back with a bang with a new mobile OS called as the Windows Phone, Nokia felt this was the right opportunity to regain its lost glory. And after all those immpressive demos and reviews, the Indian users are eagerly waiting for this uber-awesome OS to run on a smart affordable Nokia device, maybe a Nokia Lumia 710.

4. Specifications :

The Nokia Lumia 710 is one great device. Its an affordable package coming with worth mentioning specifications in that price bracket. A 3.7″ anti-glare screen, HTML5, 5 MP camera with LED Flash, Nokia Drive, Bing Maps and to top that all is the Windows Phone Mango OS; WOW what a cake!

5. Brand :

The fifth reason why the Nokia Lumia 710 will be a success in India is just because it is a Nokia product. As simple as that.

Get to know more about this beautiful smartphone here.


  1. Windows Phone lacks in Apps.
    And pricing is not the reason for success i think so.
    Because being priced at 15-18K with 5MP camera,Windows OS,and a bulged body.
    Price have to be low.
    The body is not good compared to Lumia 800(Not in price) or any other phones in that specific price.
    The phone over all is only good with “Windows OS”!
    If there is a Symbian OS loaded in that,Where would it be and how it would be?
    Answers are already in your mind. :)

  2. But what about availability of apps? One can get a decent Android for same or little higher cost and access to 250,000+ apps..Windows Marketplace is not that rich!

    1. That wont be much of a worry as the Windows Phone Marketplace is the fastest growing one (45,000+) with a huge huge number of quality apps. And with initiatives like I Unlock Joy, this number is bound to increase tenfold times.

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