8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Facebook Personal Profile For Marketing

I have seen many bloggers and even online entrepreneurs using their own Facebook Personal Profile, instead of Public profile or a Fan page to market their business, websites or blogs. Here is the list of 8 reasons to use Facebook Fan Page and not personal profile for Marketing of your business. I am not talking about the Groups in Facebook. You can also read about the difference between Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups here.

  1. Millions of Internet users are there worldwide and Facebook has got more than 600 million users (officially). The opportunity is vast and why do you want to limit yourself to only 5000 users? If you are only using your profile for marketing then you have the limitation of making only upto 5000 friends. Do you want to limit yourself?
  2. Your Facebook Page or Public profile can have any numbers of fans from around the world (you can call them as followers, friends, fans – all are same)
  3. If people join your Facebook page by themselves, then they are the targeted clients. You have the chance of more click-through-rates for your posts. And from your personal friends list, CTC is very low esp if they don’t like your topic or subject.
  4. If you post about your business regularly on your personal profile, then you will be missing the real fun of Facebook as they will be not more interested in you and your posts.
  5. You will be having more chances of building your email list via Facebook Page. You can give the users the option of “like”ing your page and subsequently to subscribe to your email lists via a customized FBML page.
  6. You can spend time with your friends and family on your personal profile and with your clients, readers and customers on your Facebook page. You shouldn’t mix the personal life and public life together.
  7. It is also not allowed to market your commercial activities using your personal Facebook profiles. You can read the Facebook Terms of Service here.

Many profiles have been banned from Facebook as a result of their using their personal profiles for marketing. If they catch you, then you will lose your profile as well as real friends.

Why do you want to take risk? Go ahead and create a Facebook Fan page right away!