6 reasons why you should write E-books

What? This is not related to any Technology topic, but off course, this is a blogging topic. And If you are a Technology enthusiast rather than a blogger, then you will find this info useful- who knows, you will become a successful blogger inspired by this small article. However, You must not be a blogger to write and sell e-books.

Yes we can see many Bloggers entering into the blogosphere very fast and moving out also very fast after not finding the right traffic to their blogs. They will be in full throttle till 3-4 months of their blogging and soon they find that there is no hope in blogging in this “Big Player’s area”. My friend, the “Big Players” are once smaller than you. So, don’t worry about the big players, just get start and motivate yourself.

Here I give you a important factors of why you should write Interesting E-books?

  1. This will be an opportunity for you to make the world hear your voice irrespective of topics.
  2. You can express yourselves in your own way and your own tune.
  3. The opportunity to teach what you know and teach some lessons to the readers about your past experiences.
  4. You can network with people from all part of the world and you can keep connect to them.
  5. If you are a blogger, then you can give it to your new subscribers free and remember, you should write the e-book related to your blog’s niche (subject line). This will bring more subscribers as well as more repeated visitors (what we call as “readers”) to your blog.
  6. This is the main point to note. Directly: You can sell your e-book and earn good money online. Indirectly: If your readers find your e-book helpful, then they will become your customers and you can sell them some useful stuff and earn commissions from the sales you have done.

You must note that, you should think out of the box, before selecting the topic for the e-book and you should stand out of the crowd. Use some attractive Title for your e-book.  So, writing e-book is very useful.

Stay tuned here, you will be getting many info on e-books soon on The Geeks Club. What more than this? If you have any other good motivational facts to write e-books, then please suggest me as well as the readers in the comments.

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