10 reasons why WordPress is better than Blogger

WordPress is not just a site. It is a very multi-purpose tool with many applications for web developers and hosts. WordPress is now becoming quite popular as a blogging tool too, with 1000’s of blogs on WordPress.com and it has completely dominated the sphere, pushing Google’s Blogger out of competition. But why? What happened wrong? That’s what is going to be discussed here.

WordPress vs Blogger

1. Interface

WordPress has a site interface which looks decent and mature, unlike Blogger’s childish interface. This attracts the professional more and at the same time doesn’t compromise with the blog’s interface, which can be colorful!

2. SEO

This point had to come. WordPress is so good at telling search engines whats going on that you don’t need any more SEO, unless you desire to. Just publish a post on a WordPress blog and search for it on Google the next day. Chances are, it’d be there! Blogger results are tougher to find so fast.

3. Settings

WordPress has such detailed settings that one can change almost anything on his blog. And the way settings are displayed, that also is quite nice. There are theme settings, header settings, widgets and so on… Blogger does have settings but they aren’t very customizable.

4. Help

Every single part of your WordPress dashboard is well documented and explained by the team itself, and can be implemented easily. Blogger documentations are there but you have to search for solutions of problems yourself.Blogger vs WordPress

5. Pages

Static pages are an integral part of a blog, but Blogger restricts them to 10 per blog. On the other hand, WordPress blogs can have unlimited pages (at the cost of page load speeds of course!)

6. Stats

I’ve never seen a website more detailed than WordPress in stats display. The output is a silky smooth page to see stats. In Blogger, such feature isn’t available, unless Google Analytics is considered.

7. Hosting Options

WordPress is the best option if you plan to host your site because it is the best hosting platform for newbies. Forget Blogger if you plan such things after creating your blog!

8. Media Library

Files uploaded on WordPress stay in a categorized and neat manner forever but in Blogger, its Upload and Forget! No chance of recovery later!

9. Polls, Feedbacks and Ratings

Integrated polls and ratings accounts for better implementation. Whats more, check results on the Dashboard itself! No such feature in Blogger!

10. Themes

Yes Blogger supports 3rd Party themes unlike WordPress but it can’t beat the extensive theme gallery of WordPress which is marvelous. Themes integrate with the blog well and are stable too.


The epic war isn’t over. Blogger is better than WordPress in some other ways too. If you want TGC to cover it, please comment!

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