Record Ledger Entries in Real-time with SkyClerk

The work of recording business transactions and other quantitative information about finances is done mostly on paper. To change this, here is a new web service called Skyclerk. The service lets companies monitor their finances online.

The website does not require you to install any kind of software or expensive shrink wrap to buy. You simply need to sign up to create a free account and start using the app. Right when you log-in to Skyclerk you can notice a dashboard that gives you a quick overview of all activity. The powerful dashboard, with a mere glance lets you know how well your business is doing.

Skylerk aims to make bookkeeping and accounting dead simple. Any small to medium size business firm is allowed to run fully robust accounting system in seconds.

Many business owners will be glad to learn that Skyclerk now adds a mobile app (Android) to its already robust web-based accounting software. As a result of this, Android users can avail the features of the service on their device. They, no more will be required to go to their desk and record income.

For mobile users, the application offers 2 main tabs namely,

  • Add Income-  Displays relevant income amount
  • Add Expense- Displays relevant expenses amount

Other details can be included under category, date and amount for transaction ($) of the above 2 mentioned tabs. In addition, the home-screen displays some more tabs,

  • Ledger- Shows income and expense records, net profit/loss
  • Hide- Hides Add Income/Expense buttons
  • Log-out- Allows user to exit the application


  1. A user-friendly web service.
  2. Helps manage a company’s finances.
  3. Lets you easily feed in your transactions.
  4. Lets you add partners to your account.
  5. Keeps a ledger for net profit / loss.

In all, Skylerk proves to be an ideal assistant for all your small business transactions. Currently, it offers a free account with a limitation of 3 users and 20 transactions per month; to remove these limitations you can choose premium services which costs $9 per month. Visit Skyclerk.

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Skyclerk for Android.