Recover Deleted DropBox Files on Windows 7 and Mac OSX

Dropbox is an online storage and cloud backup solution for individuals and clients. The good thing about Dropbox is that users don’t have to remember user files or backup as it does the work automatically. So any files which are dropped in Dropbox folder will be automatically synced hence it will be backed up on to user cloud storage space that user have.

The Dropbox behind the scene keeps a record of every event that happens with user Dropbox account. It also keeps changes saved in user Dropbox folder for 30 days. That means that user can restore user files that are deleted from user Dropbox folder mistakenly during the last 30 days and also user can go back to previous version of the document and restore it back. Often it happen that user delete user file. If user has deleted any files from user Dropbox account then don’t worry as the files deleted from Dropbox can be recovered back easily.

Recovering From Recycle Bin:

If user has deleted files recently and user has not cleaned files from user Recycle Bin, then it’s good, at least here it’s useful. The Dropbox files or folder that user deleted are stored in Recycle Bin and then can be easily recovered from there. So go to Recycle Bin option present on user PC and restore the files which users were searching for. However the problem is, there are other files including user Dropbox deleted files which are shown together, if user are looking for a particular file then its fine to get it this way or else user need to rely only recovering it from the Dropbox website.

How To Recover DropBox Files On Windows 7:

Dropbox keeps snapshots of every saved change in your Dropbox folder over the last 30 days. This is the few steps that work on Windows 7 to recover the deleted Dropbox.

recover deleted dropbox files on windows 7

recover deleted dropbox files on windows 7

How To Recover DropBox Files From Mac OSX:

recover deleted dropbox files on Mac OSX

recover deleted dropbox files on Mac OSX

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