Recover Deleted Files and More on Android Using Undelete for Android

Have you ever deleted some important files on your computer by mistake? Everyone has been in that situation where we have to lament over lost data. Although there are features of various operating systems like recycle bins or some other third party tools which offer you recovery of your data, no one can be sure of getting all data back.


Now forecasting that this situation is likely to occur on mobiles also, the new app has been launched by Fahrbot Mobile Utilities, which will allow users to do such things at its convenience. The new Undelete Beta app has been posted on Android market and here is what its description reads:

Welcome to the open beta of our newest root application – Undelete for Android, an application for root users that allows you to recover any type of deleted file from your SD card or internal storage. This is the first application of its kind on Android.

The Undelete Beta has been designed to allow users to recover lost files and data. If it finds any of the deleted files in memory, it tries to restore those files. This new application also allows you to do the exact opposite of its basic function; yes, you can easily wipe your data off your memory card also.


The Undelete Beta was first tried on Samsung Galaxy S II running on Android Gingerbread OS. The application satisfied all its users and thus it has made its appearance at Android market to serve more and more customers.

Although the application did not manage to restore all deleted files, it certainly restored few and being in Beta version we could not complaint about it. We can surely tell that its restoring algorithms will improve with more versions and till the, it’s totally worth giving a try. The app will cost you $0 and is available at Android market (Download here).

P.S. There is one condition that application developer has states and that is your phone must be rooted if you want to use this app.