Best and reliable Backup service for Ubuntu Linux: Bacula

Creating back up is necessary for every user who uses PC. As to avoid loosing of any kind of data due to disk failure or due to any other flaws that may occur in their system. The question raise here is Is there a solution to this? Well I say yes there are several. Out of many one is backing up your valuable data using Bacula application. By using Bacula we can back up Ubuntu Linux in no time. It eases out the backing process by providing many user friendly features. Let’s look into detail of it.

It is mostly and highly proposed or advised for the users to create backup at regular times in order to avoid data loss. Bacula is a back up system for mixed networks or heterogeneous networks. It can also run on a stand alone system and able to perform various kinds of backups such as media files, tape libraries. In most general way we can say Bacula is a server/client based application that performs backups. When you consider windows for backing up data there exists lots of apps that don’t exist for any other platform but in case of Linux out of few the best recommended is Bacula.

Bacula is free online for downloading and using this we can create back up even for Windows, Linux and Unix, Mac OSX too. Bacula automates the back up task without Admin’s involvement. It is mainly used for backing up data, recovery and verification of PC data across the linked network in a place. It is very easy to use and performs the operations needed very efficiently. It is more flexible than any other backing applications that exist in the market.


  • Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) to verify data.
  • It has various networks options such as TCP/IP client-server communication.
  • Client side compression to shrink down the bandwidth required.
  • Pooling and Spooling.
  • Simple and user friendly.


It is the most reliable and flexible application that I suggest for every user who wants to backup data. Its main feature is that it is user friendly and quite simple to use, available free for download as an open source from Linux.