Remote Unlocking of iPhone is now available

As far as I know there are limited options available for iPhone unlocking.  Simplest is just call your official carrier and ask for unlock code but it is costly or use Jailbreaking tools to install ultrasn0w or you can use Rebel Sim or Gevey Sim.

If you travel globally and unable to use iPhone because it’s locked and nothing you can do, It’s very annoying. For many iPhone customers the main intention to stage a jailbreak is to unlock the phone, thus permitting it to work with other carriers. Well good, the next bit of news is just for you.

Now this is a first time in history that the remote unlocking service introduced for any GSM iPhone. This remote unlocking service unlock iPhone permanently same as like factory unlocked iPhones.

Two new services assure to make your dream of an unlocked iPhone a reality, without voiding your warranty or installing custom software. If you have the money to play, then these two website provides service to unlock iPhonem the two websites are CutYourSim and Negril Electronics.

You can trust these sites because they have good reputation in market for selling unlocked phones for years. Unfortunately due to high demand of unlocking cutyoursim stop their service for time being.

There lit bit difference in price in both website. I monitor the price from day first. cutyoursim offer $169 and Negri Electronics charging $175. As I mention earlier cutyoursim pause their service and Negri Electronics get the chance to increase the price which is now $189.50.

This service allows you to unlock your  GSM iPhone excluding verizon iPhone and iPad. You Just need to follow few step and believe me it’s very simple  just you need pay a particular amount to them and send your  IMEI within 2-3 business days and your phone will be unlocked. And don’t worry there is no need to enter any codec in your iPhone. You don’t have care about which firmware you are using or jailbreak status because there is no need for that.

I find in my research a number of websites have sprung up currently that provide to remotely unlock your iPhone for use on other carrier networks. Somehow these people get access to Apple database and this is a main reason why the unlock happens through iTunes.

Apple apparently has a whitelist database of unlocked iPhones, so if hackers did discover a way to add IMEI’s to it, the claim is theoretically true. I am not sure how long this service will be available because Apple is well aware of this back-door entry and they will fix this as soon as possible.

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