How to restrict over usage of 3G Data on Android Phone and save money

Are you feeling the heat of huge bills for your 3G Usage? Are you finding a smart solution for saving your money? I am sure you will be looking forward to save your money while rolling over 3G. This is the best solution for all the Smartphone users in preserving along with effectively and efficiently utilizing their data.

Onavo Lite, the best Android App in saving your precious money while keeping a track of all your 3G data utilization. Once it collects relative data about the usage which you normally consumes, it will then provides valuable information along with smart tips in saving money as well how Usage can be controlled effectively.

The main issue with all Smartphone users today is the Huge Bills which is generating from the 3G Network which everyone is looking forward to cut it down. Onavo Lite is considered to be the best Apps for utilization of your 3G data along with providing useful information like where you data is been eaten up and at what particular time most data usage is been consumed.

It helps you to control your usage of data Plans which has been designed by such a methodology that it always Monitors, Include Alerts, and provide effective blocking tools whenever the data limit cross which you have already set in the beginning.

Onavo Lite provides will facilities which will later on helps you to cut short your Bills for data plan on 3G Network. Below is a complete list of features of this perfect money saving apps for Android

Features of Onavo Lite

  • It helps you to monitor and control App traffic coming from 3G network.
  • It also allows you to set a cap or a maximum limit of data transfe and usage for a certain limit e.g. 2gb for 1 month.
  • Block heavy data consumption when not on wifi or travelling abroad.
  • Save up to 80% on your data usage.
  • Available for free and simple to use and save money.

Download Onavo Lite for Android.

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