How to return to the old display of images in Facebook

A few months ago, and particularly since last February, Facebook moved to a new way to display pictures that uploaded by millions of users, to be displayed in a theater view that rely on Light Box effect. Such that pictures and associated user comments now appear in a dark pop-up window.

The new method prevents the user from getting a direct link to the image and it looks a bit ugly , which raised the discontent of a large number of Facebook users. In fact even I am one of the people who did not like the new Facebook layout because the old system is  better and easier to view.

So we will give  5 Simple Ways to  revert back to the old method of display :

The first Method : when you get to the display page on the new system, all you need is to refresh the page to get the old system of display (Press F5) .

The second method: Delete (& theater) from the Link of the image in the address bar and press Enter again to reload the page .

The third method: Use the Plugin: Facebook Photo Theater Killer  for Firefox users .


The Fourth method: Use the plugin: Revert FB Photo Viewer  for Google Chrome users .

The Fifth method: Use the plugin:  Better Facebook  that work with all browsers.

Note: The above changes will only reflect in your current browser, it will not be available on different browsers or  computer.

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