Retweet: Know How many of Your Tweets were Retweeted

If you are a web publisher then it is important to know how much your articles are going viral. Social Network websites like Twitter and Facebook are useful to make the articles of the blog viral. In Twitter website if you have more number of Retweets then you can say your Tweets went viral. But how to know that how many Retweets you got for a tweet on the Twitter. Here is a Twitter app which counts how many Retweets have you got for all the Tweets you have posted to your Twitter account.

Retweet is the Twitter application which shows all your Twitter tweets and Retweets of a tweet through a number on the tweet. After giving authorization of your Twitter account to this App, it fetches all your Tweets posted to Twitter streamline  and counts the number of the Retweets for each tweet and displays it as a number on the each tweet.

One best thing about Retweet application is it calculates the stats and sorts out how many people have Retweeted a Tweet and to how many people have it reached per Retweet. You can again share the stats as a tweet or post a message to Facebook or Google Plus.

The Top Retweets link at the top of the site displays the tweets of your Twitter account which were Retweeted a lot among all the Tweets in your Twitter account and Who you Retweet link at the top displays the list of the users of the Twitter to whom you have Retweeted since the Sign up of your Twitter account.

Features of Retweet

  • Simple and user friendly website.
  • Provides the stats for all your retweets.
  • Useful in knowing how much your tweet went viral.

Head over to Retweet to get your stats!