Review Of The Best 5 Wireless Mouse of 2011

In wireless devices the data is transmitted via infrared radiations, it has a receiver which is connected to the computer by USB. Recently nano receivers have been designed which are suitable for laptops and notebooks. Wireless mouse is available in various designs and bright attractive colors.

Five of the Latest Wireless devices are listed and reviewed here. This will help you decide the one which suits you the best.

Logitech Wireless Mouse M505

Excellent mouse with a unique catchy design. It has notched wheel enables for vertical and horizontal scrolling, has a power button which conserves battery life and the unifying receiver pairs up easily with other peripherals.

Pros: It saves energy with the added on/off switch and sleep mode. Highly accurate with very smooth action and has a precise laser. One can enjoy the wireless freedom without changing batteries and its tiny size which is very comfortable to hold.

Cons: The weight of the mouse makes it to feel sturdy and is an issue. It is little expensive when compared to other wireless device and has no thumb button.

Philips Wireless Mouse SPM4701BB

Comfortable wireless device which takes control of your desktop. It is easy-to-use hot keys, provides high accuracy, contains handy 4-way scroll wheel and silicon cushioning which take the strain out of computing.

Pros: Affordable with the price ranging from $61.99 and available in variant colors. Its resistant body is the main reason for its life long usage.

Cons: Every 6 month the batteries has to be changed for the continuous better performance of this wireless device.

Amkette– Kwik Optical Mouse PS2

This Optical mouse is without keys, Although it is innovative model is more than enough to use it as a regular mouse. Compatible with Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP/VISTA operating systems.

Pros: Accurately works on almost any kind of surfaces. The optical Sensor captures pinpoint signals at 1500 times per seconds. Mouse pad is not really required and scrolling of long documents can be done smoothly. Unique design provides the best comfort, and perfect ripping.

Cons: Difficult to clean up the dust accumulated in the scroll.

Apple Magic Mouse

First most multi-touch mouse ever developed. Designed with classy curvature of the soft white shell paired with the speckled silver which gives it a hot look.

Pros: The concept of usage is simple and the execution for downward scrolling incredibly simplistic. It looks like a pebble, has no buttons, no indents, no wires. Touch scrolling up and down is a breeze.
Cons: Requires uniform grip on the sides of the mouse with your thumb, ring and fore fingers while using, there are chances the shell can easily get away from your hand if there is no proper grip on it. Unfortunately it is very expensive.

Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 4000

It uses Microsoft’s innovative Bluetrack technology and tracks on almost any surface, its transceiver attaches to undercarriage.

Pros: Contoured shape fits comfortably in your hand, available in stylish colors, has a soft textured plastic for extra grip. Provides super-accurate, it also works well on a variety of surfaces, very lightweight, silent scrolling.
Cons: Requires lot of power for usage, it has limited battery life of non-rechargeable which will not least to 6 month. Sometimes gives horrible responsiveness, mouse failure due to many reasons after a short time – buttons stop working, scroll stops working, laser stops working, wheel stops working.

Have any preferences!?