Review: Android like Auto Correct bar in iOS 5 and How to get it

If you have already used Android phones or Windows Phone 7 based phones you might know that both these operating system provide an auto correct bar over the keyboard which makes word writing even more simpler. iOS is still lacking this feature, however looks like Apple try to get this feature in iOS 5 as a similar code was found in the root by Sonny Dickson.

Doesn’t it look cool? Yes, it is. And getting it on your device is even more simpler and doesn’t requires a jailbreaked device.

Step One: Connect your device to iTunes and back it up.

Step Two: Download iBackupbot and install it on your PC/Mac.

Step Three: Run iBackupBot and select your device (most recent backup)

Step Four: Search for ‘Library/Preferences/’ and open the .plist file

Step Five: Since its ‘Shareware’ software, you’ll have to hit cancel button when registration window appears.

Step Six: plist editor will open and you’ll see a code.

Step Seven: Add the following code to the existing code,


Step Eight: Save the file and close the plist editor.

Step Nine: Make sure the correct backup is selected (the same in which you have made the modifications right now)

Step Ten: Go to File and select Restore. These changes will be restored on your device and once completed the device will reboot.

Step Eleven: On your device navigate to Notes, add a new note and look the change!

Step Twelve: Enjoy!

Note: If you are already jailbroken on iOS 5, rebooting your device on Step Ten will require tethered boot. So make sure your device is connected to PC and using Redsn0w or iBooty its booted into tethered mode.


As soon as this trick was out I implemented it on my iPod for testing and reviewing purpose. I’ve been using this auto correct bar for couple of days now and my experience was not good at all.

The suggestions which it shows are pretty good and accurate but in case if you want to type any different word (like one in your native language) this auto correct bar makes everything go wrong. iOS users are used of the keyboard which helps them for speedy texting but using this trick their speed will be considerably slow down as this trick replaces the ‘Space Bar’ with ‘Next’ button.

Since we are used to the space bar we quickly press the long button expecting we might get space between two words but this actually doesn’t happen. Every time you press it, it selects the next suggested word by itself which creates complete mess. For this you have to take care that every time you write a correct word press ‘Confirm’ button which is next to the long (Next) button on the virtual keyboard. Confirming the word will replace the ‘Next’ button with ‘Space’ which will add space between two words.

In case if you are typing numbers, after typing two digits, both the digits are selected by itself and when you type the third one both these digits are replaced by the third one and you loose the first two digits, in that case you have to write all the digits again. This is irritating but it case is worst while you type passwords.


Auto Correct bar found in iOS 5 is not at all user friendly and also not properly developed. Please do not get it on your device