Revised iPhone prices in India (iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS)

Apple iPhone 4S will be hitting Indian markets on 25th November by Airtel. Availability of this new phone has made Apple to revise the prices of old generation iPhone’s available in the markets. Thus prices of old generation iPhone’s are dropped by some bucks with iPhone 4S leading in the race.

iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4S pre orders have already started by Airtel, where they claim that phone will be shipped on the same day of the launch (i.e 25th November). However users will have to pay whole sum price of the phone in advance for pre ordering. It looks like iPhone 4S is heavily priced in India, much more than iPhone 4 initial days. According to releases iPhone 4S is priced as,

  • iPhone 4S (16GB) Black/White – Rs. 44,500/- INR
  • iPhone 4S (32GB) Black/White – Rs. 50,900/- INR
  • iPhone 4S (64GB) Black/White – Rs. 57,500/- INR

That’s huge amount! Among these three variants, 16GB and 32GB is available for pre-orders. It looks like the 64GB will be directly sold in the stores. All over this, this phone is available from Airtel and soon on Aircel only this means its not factory unlocked.

Along with this launch, existing iPhone 4 available in 16GB and 32GB will be discontinued from the Indian markets. The only iPhone 4 sold in India henceforth will be iPhone 4 8GB which will be priced at Rs 37,900/- INR. This price of 8GB iPhone 4 is more than the 16GB iPhone 4 which was sold till now. If you still want the 16GB variant of iPhone 4 Apple is selling refurbished iPhone 4 (16GB) for cheapest possible price of Rs. 22,500/- INR you can call this cheapest 16GB iPhone available in India. iPhone 3GS will be the cheapest iPhone available in India whose 8GB only version is priced at Rs. 20,900/- INR.

If you are planning to get iPhone but restricted on budget go quickly grab the 16GB Refurbished iPhone 4, since 8GB version of iPhone 4 is much more priced than the 16GB and getting iPhone 3GS is again not a good option at this moment.

The prices of iPhone 4S are through Airtel. If you want an factory unlocked iPhone 4S, you can get it in USA. Ask your friends or relatives to get it from there or unlocked iPhone 4S (16GB) is avaliable on ebay for the same price as quoted by Airtel. Which is much more better option. If you can wait, wait for few months, tons of factory unlocked iPhone 4S will be up for sale on e-commerce websites and for cheaper price too. Get one then.