RhythmBox: A Supportive Media Player for Linux

There are numerous music players out there based on Linux. So, choosing a best one can be a bit tedious task. don’t worry! We have a solution for you. Check out Rhythmbox, a music player for Linux.

It bears a pretty nice interface and some easy to use features. Mp3 playback is superb on it! The big seek bar on the top of the player gives you an accurate access to skip the song and so does the search bar to find your favorite music. The play lists gradually increases over time, so searching a song in those long play lists can be very hectic. Here the search bar proves handy. It efficiently finds your music withing a blink of just few seconds.

It is also a comfort for Last.Fm aficionados. The inbuilt scrobbler solves the job of downloading new scrobbler. Though it may not perform all the chores of the original scrobbler, but it can still satisfy the needs of Last.fm users. Your number of plays, recent plays and music suggestions are nicely organized in the UI. Just provide access from your Last.fm account and there you go.

Access to Libre.fm and availability of music podcasts are just another stars to its beauty. The Internet radio feature is also interestingly good. Availability of numerous music genres in the radio suits every music aficionado’s taste.

With few likes it may also give you some hates. If you are a Last.fm music discoverer, and are into a habit of listening Last.fm radio, then you can’t enjoy that on Rhythmbox.

But as said, with few cons there are numerous pros. Same is the case with Rhythmbox. It does a good job overall. If you have a huge collection, observing the aspects, it is worth trying!