Roccat’s Isku Illuminating Keyboard Unveilded

Roccat Studios, a European peripheral maker is no stranger when it comes to gaming peripherals. Recently, it released in Germany, the latest addition to its gaming keyboard line up – the Roccat Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard.

The gaming keyboard sports a standard QWERTY line-up along with 12 function keys that run across the top of the board. Unlike other standard keyboards, Roccat’s Isku is larger, measuring 24.7cm x 50.9cm with a thickness of approximately 2.5cm. The larger size may be due to an inbuilt wrist rest that provides extra comfort.

The characteristic of the keyboard is its chiseled look and sharp design that makes a pattern of rectangular frames. In a dip at the top-centre of board sits eight media keys and a button that allow you to switch the brightness up and down to your preference. Besides, there are illuminated keys that possess five levels of brightness which auto dim when the keyboard has been left inactive for a predefined amount of time.

To the left side of the keyboard there are 36 configurable keys, 8 customizable hotkey and backlit keys. Isku Illuminating keyboard comes in a box that includes a product manual, a driver CD that hosts the software to customize your keyboard and an ID card which grants you full access to ROCCAT World, an online community and support site.

Roccat Isku Illuminating Keyboard Features

  • Blue key illumination with 6 brightness levels including off setting
  • 36 easy-to-reach macro keys
  • Macro Live! Recording
  • 3 unique easy-shift(+) zones
  • Medium-height keys
  • Cable channels for better device organization
  • Non-slip base with lock-on keyboard feet
  • Fast profile switching; 5 Profile-Status LEDs

The German gaming peripheral designer has designed Isku Illuminating Keyboard in such a way that it gives you an edge over the competitors. Apart from this, the keyboard supports ROCCAT’s Talk technology, a new technology that enables your keyboard to communicate with a compatible mouse. There is no word on the pricing yet however, it is expected to cost around $109.

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