How to Root your Android Phone with GingerBreak

Android has been a super-hit in the market. The popular mobile operating system however comes with some locked access to stranded users. To overcome these¬† limitations that carriers and hardware manufacturers put on the devices one is required to ‘ROOT’ them. Rooting gives you the whole super user access and allows you to completely customize the hardware and software for your phone.

In this tutorial we will teach you how to root Android v2.3 or later with an application known as GingerBreak. GingerBreak makes the rooting process really easy with its 1 click rooting option. It can root most of the Android phones but before rooting you should confirm your phone in the supported devices list.

(DISCLAIMER: Rooting your device may void its warranty from both, the manufacturer and the carrier of the device. Please follow this tutorial at your own risk, TGC should not be held responsible for any damage done during the process.)

What’s required?

There are some requirements for using the GingerBreak app. To start with the root process your device should match the following requirements:

  • USB debugging enabled on your phone
  • A SD card to be installed on your device
  • The downloaded app should be installed on your device (not on SD card.)

Downloading, installing and rooting the device.

  1. Download the GingerBreak application. (Update by Admin: Please note that GingerBreak is being flagged as malware by VirusTotal and Jotti, so you may want to use your discretion there.)
  2. Install the app on your device.
  3. Run the app and select “Root Device”
  4. Let the application work. In the end it would show you an error.
  5. Simply reboot your device.
  6. You would be able to see the super user app installed on your device.
  7. Run the application.
  8. The phone will prompt you for allowing the access to application.
  9. Simply press “Allow”.

Sometimes installing the app is not possible as some phones do not allow slide loading off an application, so the ADB process can be used. You would require Android SDK for the ADB process.  Click here to download Android SDK.

Also, at times the device may appear and work slow after rooting process, you can install many utilities out there to make the device perform faster as earlier.

Now you have successfully rooted your device and now you are the super user of your phone, enjoy the Android kingdom.


  1. My Kaspersky IS 2012 detects Trojan while downloading “GingerBreak”! Why you guys are suggesting such malicious applications?

      1. ok im almost there i think, but i just get confused on what to do with the Android sdk once installed, how does this work for rooting with Ginger break please help!!!! thanks

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