Rovio to launch Angry Birds Heikki web game on June 18th

Angry Birds maker, Rovio is preparing to launch the next version of Angry Birds named as ‘Angry Birds Heikki”. This new season of Angry Birds will be coming on June 18, according to the official announcement.

Angry Birds Heikki will be a different from the other seasons. Unlike other Angry Birds season, Heikki will be just a web-based game. It won’t come on any other platform, not even the mobile platform. Desktop series of Angry Birds is mostly available on Facebook as well as Chrome Web Store, but Angry Birds Heikki will be an exclusive web game only.

Rovio had a new sponsorship deal, which involves a tie-up with Finnish Formula One racing driver Heikki Kovalainen. That’s how the name Angry Birds “Heikki” came up.

Look at the teaser photo closely, you can see Formula1 flags. ‘Heikki’ is Angry Birds with racing theme.

The web game, which will feature fun Angry Birds game levels with a racing theme in addition to other bespoke content, launching later in the summer.

To tease us, Rovio has launched a mini-site featuring Angry Birds Heikki with its teaser photo and launch date. To share it along the social networks, the website has Facebook, Twitter and Google + sharing options too.

Kovalainen is already using a special Angry Birds themed racing helmet while Rovio is selling limited edition Angry Birds merchandise which includes,


Angry Birds has always been the hot favorite game since its release and every new season is always welcomed. Recently Angry Birds Space was downloaded more than 50 million times just in 35 days.

A new season of Angry Birds is coming soon to play with. Until then check out the official announcement and stay tuned!