Rumor: Amazon to upgrade its Kindle Fire tablets with 3 new Kindles

Facing competition from new, upcoming and rumored tablets, a report reveals that Amazon is also prepping its next-generation tablets. Amazon has done well with the hardware of its previous Kindles and this time it is also expected to bring out the best. According to a report on BGR, Amazon is preparing three new Kindles for release before the holiday season. All three Kindles will be a successor each to its existing 7 inch Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD and 8.9 inch Kindle Fire tablets.

Jeff Bezos Kindle Fire HD launch

According to sources, the lower-end Kindle Fire tablet will come with a 1280x800p HD display matching the current Kindle Fire HD tablet while the second mid range offering will become the flagship 7-inch tablet as Amazon is bumping up the resolution to 1920x1200p display. This rumored resolution is same as that of Nexus 7 successor’s rumored resolution. The 8.9 inch Kindle tablet will break the Retina barrier with a 2560x1600p display. It is expected to compete with the 9.7 inch iPad which comes with a 2048x1536p display.

When it comes to design, the tablets are expected to ditch the rounded curved slopes in favor of chiseled sharp edges. The power and volume rockers have been improved and are also expected to be moved from the sides to the top to avoid accidental button presses. The new tablets are expected to be lighter than their predecessors. Pricing has not yet been revealed, but seeing the competition it is anticipated that Amazon is likely to keep the existing prices.


Bumping up the resolution is just one of the factors that determine the success. It is expected to be seen that what other advancements in the screen quality and hardware enhancements will be done by Amazon which will determine the outcome of the complete equation. It is likely that the new Kindles will run on latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean version but it cannot be confirmed as the next version of Jelly Bean is also in the works by Google and will possibly be revealed before Amazon’s announcement.

In related news by AllThingsD, Amazon is also testing its streaming flash video viewer for its Silk browser for last six months now. Silk browser can harness the cloud content from its AWS cloud and can pass it on to the experimental flash player. The same technology is also used by iSwifter browser on iOS devices. The experimental streaming flash player is likely to be unveiled for its Kindle devices once the testing is successfully completed. This will bring cheers to users since Adobe does not natively support Flash content for Android anymore.

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