Rumor: Apple on hiring spree for iWatch Smartwatch, 2014 launch expected

There are many indicators that Apple is ramping up its production of the iWatch. Firstly, Apple has filed for the trademark for the name “iWatch” in Japan and now according to a report in the Financial Times, it has gone on a hiring spree to ramp up the employees to accelerate production and solve unidentified engineering issues.


This will be Apple’s first new product since the demise of legendary Steve Jobs and CEO Tim Cook is well aware that Apple can’t afford to miss it like it did with Apple Maps, which was rectified later by offering public apology. This needs to be perfect.  Apple is looking beyond its current staff in Cupertino as this is a new field for Apple and they have come across some “hard engineering problems that they’ve not been able to solve,” as per the report in the Financial Times.

Apple iWatch Smartwatch will be a communicator wrist wearable device for iOS devices, and it will be able to receive emails, texts and notifications from your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Even though other companies such as Google, LG, Samsung, Intel, Dell and Microsoft are rumored to be building same devices, the audience for iWatch is much more. Sony and Pebble are one step ahead as they already have their products in the market. According to a survey done by ChangeWave in April, one is five people are interested in getting an iWatch. The market is big and thirsty and waiting for the Apple once again to take it to the mainstream.


PC Magazine’s Sascha Segan commented on the issue:

Apple tends to enter new markets once there’s a significant tech-world interest in a new technology, but while there are still usability problems Apple could solve. Apple arrives after the first pioneers, but before a category has entrenched leaders. It makes a category mainstream not by increased functionality, but by better usability.

For those who are still skeptical, consider the recent hiring of Paul Deneve, formerly of fashion house Yves Saint Laurent, by Apple for working on “special projects.” There is no other new product that requires Apple to bring together design and fashion but the upcoming iWatch. It will take time to solve those engineering puzzles and the rumors put the expected launch in late 2014. We will keep you guys updated with more information as and when it comes.

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