Rumor – Apple To Release iPhone 5 in September 2011

After introducing new iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle model in the past three years that was in September 1st 2010, September 9th 2009, September 9th 2008, this year Apple might have plans to introduce the new iPhone 5 – may be on September 7th.

The news came via a Japanese technology website kodawarsian, which has confirmed that “we might finally know that when Apple plans to reveal its next generation iPhone.”

In this current year we haven’t heard much at all about new iPods so far the rumors have consisted of possible new white version of iPod Touch, iPod Nano that is built-in camera.

By hearing this about lack of iPod news means, at the very least, Apple plans to introduce the new version of iPhone that is iPhone 5 or whatever it might be called.

However, the company focused entirely on its new upcoming iOS 5 Mobile Operating System. Earlier version of iPhone’s OS with advanced technology was also introduced in September, so the eyes of all Apple fanboys (and iPhone Geeks like us) are on the coming month of September.

Apple’s suppliers has been scheduled to begin shipments of the iPhone 5 in this September, but some of the well known websites has suggested that the iPhone 5 won’t actually release until October, but it is not clear if that gives Apple room to pre-announce the new iPhone 5 in September or if it means Apple will let September pass by without introducing the new phone.

Let us keep an eye on the September month for the release of any iPhone 5 from Apple. Stay Tuned on The Geeks Club for more accurate info on Apple Rumors.