iPod Touch 5G leaked pics! Fakes?

The next generation iPod Touch discussion is really HOT over the internet, daily some news regarding that arrives. Some days before blurred pics of the next gen iPod Touch (iPod Touch 5G) were leaked. This continues even today, 9to5mac shows us the clear images of iPod Touch 5G and here are they,

Images -via 9to5mac

These pics look fake though, but seems interesting. It seems that the next gen iPod Touch will be coming without physical home button, the home button in the above pictures is capacitive touch screen rather than round physical button.

Look’s cool though but still fake! The front camera seems same as that of the current gen (iPod Touch 4G) the pics. According the pictures that were leaked before some days we could find that the volume buttons which are seperated in the current generation (4G) has again been joined in the next generation (5G).

Another interesting thing that we found in 5G rumored post was the capacity, its likely that Apple will increase the capacity of iPod Touch 5G from 64GB to 128GB.

May be all these will be bundled in the iPod Touch 5G, however we expect more, We think iPod Touch 5G will be coming up with bigger screen (well, the pics doesn’t define that), more capacity than 64GB, GPS enabled device, increased camera (may be 2mp), HD Video calling, LED Flash, more RAM (512 MB’s).

It’s hard to believe on these images for us. What you think?