Rumor: Motorola making the next Nexus phone, launching by 2013 end

Rumors related to Nexus devices seldom rest. After the 2013 version of Nexus 7 tablet, it is the turn of next generation Nexus Smartphone. Taylor Wimberly of Android and Me, who shared the Moto X knowledge way ahead of its launch and was right about most of the stuff, has now posted on his Google+ account that the next Nexus Smartphone will launch by the year end by none other than Google-owned Motorola.

Motorola Nexus

Wimberly revealed in his Google+ post:

Motorola will release a Nexus Smartphone in Q4 (that is not the Moto X).

Neither did he share any other details about the Smartphone nor did he reveal the source of his claim. Given his reliability with the Motorola related stuff in the past, we are going to back him up on this one and will keep an eye out for more leaks in the future.

We have been hearing the rumors of a Moto X Google Play Edition, which according to us does not make sense since the Moto X was already made under the helping hand of Google and comes with more or less stock vanilla Android version. Making another similar bare bones Android powered version seems like a redundancy. We won’t be surprised if the Smartphone turns out to be the next Nexus 4 version.


Google has been trying to maintain an unbiased relationship with all major Android manufacturers when it comes to Nexus phones. HTC, Samsung and LG all have had the opportunity to try a hand at Nexus Smartphone so it seems to be the turn of some other manufacturer. But Google would like to keep it visibly away from Motorola as it would not like to give away an impression of favoring Motorola for being a Google-owned company.

We do not know which partner Google will choose for the next-Gen Nexus 4. Even though the odds are in favor of the reliable Wimberly’s Motorola, we would certainly have liked Sony to try its hand on a Nexus Smartphone now. A water resistant and dustproof Sony Nexus with Android 5.0 seem too irresistible to be just a dream. We will hold our judgment till any more proof is revealed in the same and will advise the readers to take everything with a pinch of salt.

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