Rumor: Nook Simple Touch Ebook reader update bringing Web browser and Email client

The technology website Tech Crunch has leaked an email and memo from Barnes & Noble (B&N) which revealed the news that an upcoming update to version 1.5.0 of Nook Simple Touch and Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight Ebook readers will bring a web browser, an email client and an updated store to B&N’s range of Ebook E-readers. Other minor updates include bug fixes and overall system improvements. The update will be released over the air starting next month if the news comes out to be true.

Nook Simple Touch software update

Both the Ebook readers under Nook Simple Touch brand name have a 6-inch grayscale Electronic ink or E-ink screen with 600 x 800 resolution that comes out to 167 pixels per inch, good enough for book reading. They have a built-in Wi-Fi and expandable memory and is powered by a single core 800 MHz processor along with a super efficient average battery life of over 2 months. They also offer free cloud storage, parental controls and book lending and borrowing from B&N. One of them comes without any light and requires an external light for reading and the other comes with a glowlight feature for reading in the dark. They retail for US$79 and $119 respectively.

B&N also offers a 7 inch and 9-inch tablet in their Nook range – Nook HD and Nook HD+. B&N recently updated both these tablets to bring native Google Play Store support to them. Earlier there used to be a tightly controlled B&N own store for apps and content. The leak from Tech Crunch adds that the version 1.5.0 Ebook reader update “was created in response to the positive critical and customer response” to the recent updates for the tablet range.

Recent quarterly results of the B&N were not satisfactory and these updates are expected to bring more flexibility to the users and bringing their range back into the limelight. The Nook Simple Touch is not a replacement for the tablets since its functions include basic book reading only and is best suited for bookworms and other people who care for their eyesight as they offer the paper-like experience next only to the paper itself. B&N’s competitor Amazon’s range of Kindle ebook readers also feature an experimental web browser but a dedicated email client will be a first from B&N and it seems B&N plans to give their ebook reader an edge over them.

Nook Simple Touch

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