Rumor: Samsung Galaxy GEAR Smartwatch to launch at IFA along with Galaxy Note 3

Samsung is expected to take the wraps off its much hyped and highly anticipated Galaxy Note 3 on the 4th of September at IFA, Berlin. The new rumours add that Samsung might also announce their Galaxy Gear Smartwatch at the same event. According to the report by Patently Apple, Samsung looks to reveal its SmartWatch before Apple’s September press release event for its new devices.


Patently Apple said in the post:

While it’s likely to be another cheesy product, the goal of course is to simply beat Apple to market with a smart watch so that Apple will look like a follower rather than a leader when and if they release such a product in the future. Yet Samsung mistakenly equates beating Apple to market with something and actually delivering real innovation.

Nothing else is known about Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, but it is predicted to be just another device that could perform tasks in conjunction with Samsung’s Galaxy tablets and Smartphones. Nobody should expect anything miraculous here but just a regular Smartwatch. Many companies have confirmed that they are making their own Smartwatches including Samsung, but we have failed to see one in existence by any major OEM except Sony, which is preparing for its third generation Smartwatch.

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Here is what Steffan K Persson, Head of Companion Products at Sony Mobile Communications has to say about the September scheduled launch of their 3rd Generation Sony Smartwatch:

Sony is the proud leader in the Smartwatch market since introducing our first Bluetooth watch in 2007. Competitors are only now launching first generation devices, while we are already launching a 3rd generation device with all the insight gained from over half a million customers combined with Sony’s wealth of technology expertise to create the best ever Smartwatch experience.

Not only Android Smartwatches but also iOS-based Apple iWatch and Windows Phone-powered SurfaceWatch is rumoured to be in development. Looking at this upcoming Smartwatch market which is going to heat up pretty soon with manufacturers racing against the clock to beat one another to the launch of their own Smartwatch, it will take much more by Samsung than to just beat Apple’s iWatch. Samsung should learn from Pebble which has defied the norm by kicking its own Smartwatch via crowdfunding and is already one of the best selling Smartwatch now.

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