Rumored Apple iOS 7 iPhone 5 Logitech Gaming Controller leaked

Apple iOS 7 was revealed last week at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2013 and Logitech has rushed to create a new Apple iOS 7 controller. Apple iOS 7 supports third party controllers and a blurry image of the first such gaming controller from Logitech reveals its design and layout.

The gaming controller features the Logitech G logo design and fits around the iPhone 5. It features a thumb stick on the left and five buttons on the right, which also includes a lightning connector. The gaming controller in the image is expected to work with iPhone 5 only, according to Kotaku which leaked the image.

Logitech gaming controller

It is expected that Logitech will also release iOS 7 compatible controllers for iPhone 4 and 4S as well. The controller looks like a prototypeand we expect more leaks of it soon in the working condition. There is no information on when it will be released in the market, but it should come in the late third quarter or early fourth quarter when the stable iOS 7 is deployed to all the Apple compatible devices.

Apple does not offer its own gamepad, so there will be more that will follow soon and we expect that the consumers will have a lot of options by the time this goes mainstream. The Logitech prototype looks very basic in nature and might not complement the design of iPhones and iOS 7 that well. The consumers will definitely adore a decently working and crafted controller for their iPhones. Hence there will be a market for this very soon.

Samsung Game Pad

In March, a gaming controller called Game Pad was also released by Samsung which supported its devices up to 6.3 inched Mega. The controller connected via NFC and Bluetooth and contained all the necessary gaming controls inspired by Xbox which could turn a Smartphone into a fully fledged Android console. The Game Pad was priced at $113 and hence could not garner much sales or consumer support. It remains to be seen if a similar controller for iPhone might turn the whole game around and builds up a new market for OEMs to compete for.

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