Rumors: A Microsoft Windows Phone OS powered smart watch is in the making

The smart watch market is not yet mainstream and still everyone is jumping to grab a piece. According to a fresh report in the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is now preparing a “touch-enabled watch device”, which will be supposedly be powered by Windows Phone. As per WSJ report, the information came from some executives at a company that supplies parts to Microsoft.

The over-crowding of the Smart Watch market started with Apple’s rumored iWatch and even before any details were out on that rumor, we have tech giants Samsung, Google and LG storming in to capture what could be a potential market. According to the above report by WSJ, it all started when Microsoft asked its suppliers in Asia to send components for a small 1.5 inch watch-like device. So it is yet unclear whether it will be an actual watch or some other product. There are no details about the hardware and software as well.

Microsoft Smart Watch

The concept of Smart Watches is not alien, but there are hardly any devices in this segment that are successful. The very first potential entrant was Sony, but it failed to win the appraisal of the masses citing its limitations and steep price for a Smartphone-dependent accessory.

The only successful player is seen to be the recently launched Pebble SmartWatch which was started as a Kickstarter project and managed to raise over $10 million. Pebble SmartWatch supports both iOS and Android device connectivity via Bluetooth as compared to many other major players in the Android marketplace which will expectedly support Android only. The Pebble SmartWatch provides health metrics in addition to commonly desired features like alerts for incoming calls, text messages, social media updates, emails etc, and it features an E-ink display which helps drastically increase the battery performance.

With such rumors in the air so frequently, it is a debatable topic if the wearable technology in the form of Smart Watches, Hand Bands etc. is actually the next big thing in technology or is it just an intermediate stop to human embedded technologies. According to the research firm Gartner, the wearable technology market will be a $10 billion dollar industry by 2016. We’d love to hear from someone who has used or is using a Smart Watch from either Sony or Pebble or any other local gray market product. Leave your comments on the topic below and let us know what you think.