How to run iPhone Specific Apps in Full Scale on an iPad

If you are an iPad user and want to run some of the iPhone specific games and apps on your iPad, you might have noticed that your iPad provides you with an option to zoom the display to 2X with the ‘2X Button’ at the bottom right.

Now even though using this ‘2X Button’ you can zoom your display and get a bigger display, there are two main problems that still remain. These two problems I am talking about are very common and you must have surely encountered them a lot of times. And an interesting point is that you must have also said to yourself, ‘Why didn’t Apple notice this problem and fix it?’

The two problems I am talking about are:

  • The ‘1X/2X Button’ is always present in the bottom right side of the screen and if you tap or touch it by mistake, your display gets changed again to 1X/2X.
  • Even though the display has been doubled, the resolution used is ‘480 x 320’ or ‘320 x 480’ depending upon the display orientation of the app.

The result of the above two problems are:

  • Because of the 1X/2X button always being present and the fact that you might touch or tap it by mistake makes it very difficult for the user to have a great, seamless and smooth experience while interacting with the application or game.
  • Because of the second problem, even though your iPhone specific app might have Retina Display Supported graphics of ‘960 x 640’ or ‘640 x 960’, they will not be used on your iPad and you are stuck with the lower end resolution.

Retina Pad

Retina Pad is a tweak for the iPad, available in the CYDIA store. This tweak takes care of both the above-mentioned problems. So Retina Pad ensures that your games and app always run in 2X mode and at the same time also use the ‘iPhone Retina Display Images’ instead of the low end images, if present in the game or app.

Retina Pad can be downloaded through CYDIA for $2.99 only. It is totally worth the price since you will no longer have to really download separate iPad versions of your favorite Games and Apps. You will almost get the same experience that you would get from the specific iPad app. Another very important use is that you can use games and apps that have only been made for the iPhone as of date and still run them with high resolution on your iPad.

How to download Retina Pad?

  • Open CYDIA and go to SOURCES
  • Now tap on the EDIT button in the Top Right side of the screen
  • Now you should see an ADD button in the Top Left side of the screen
  • Tap on the ADD button and enter the link:
  • Now tap on ADD SOURCE to add this repo
  • Once done you should now see a repo named ‘BigBoss’
  • Open this repo and scroll down till you find ‘Retina Pad’

  • Then tap on the link for Retina Pad and you should see this page:


  • Tap on PURCHASE/INSTALL and then tap on CONTINUE in the next window
  • Cydia will start downloading and installing Retina Pad for you
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and you are done

How to use Retina Pad?

You really do not have to do anything. Whenever you run an iPhone specific game or app on your iPad, Retina Pad will automatically detect that the game or app is iPhone specific and ask you whether you want to run it 2X mode.

Simply say YES and then CLOSE the app. Make sure that you close it from the Multi-tasking list as well and then Re-open that app.

And if you want to know more or do more, you can go to Settings. You will find a new tab over there for Retina Pad. You can check out the various options and settings present there as well.