10 Safari Features in Mac OS X Lion that enhance user experience

PC and Laptops are being used the same way in everyday life. The same scrolling, saving, installing, double-clicks, saving and many other activities. But now you can feel the change in the usage of your PC or Laptops. Here comes the Mac OS X Lion which will take you to another world of using operating systems. Mac OS X Lion launched recently promises to change the way we work on our systems with its promising new features.

For those who haven’t installed this OS, let me tell you- you are missing the experience of Multi-touch gestures, to launchpad, full screen apps and much more. There are 250 cool features that Mac OS X Lion comes endowed with.

It is the eight and current major release of Mac OS X, Apple’s desktop and server operating system for Macintosh computers. If you are planning to be a part of Mac family, then don’t wait to think about it, you can boldly go for it.

The new Mac system will be now available with OS X Lion ably installed. Well the point is safari is apple’s default web browser and it keeps adding cool features to enhance the user’s experience. The cool features of Safari Mac OS X Lion are listed below.

Full Screen Browsing:-

Full screen browsing is one of the cool features which allow you to switch between full-screen applications. It provides you more space to view the web pages; hence it is one of the most ultimate browsing experiences for Safari users. The menu bar disappears in Full-Screen mode, though it rolls down into view if the pointer is hovered near the top of the screen – which gains a new button at its right side so you can exit Full-Screen mode and return to the normal Space for that application.

Therefore Web pages take up every inch of your display so there’s nothing to distract you from what’s onscreen. You can also dedicate one page for Twitter feeds, one for video and lot many others for browsing, easy swiping back and forth between them makes it user friendly.

Reading List:-

Reading list is considered as one of the best feature of Safari which enables you to save the website links to be read some other time in case you are unable to do so while carrying out the task you are into. So you can make use of those saved links later and can go through the links. Links can be of any type like articles content, videos, shopping etc. It’s an easy process, just open your link-filled reading list and go through it. Those links get displayed in a clean, uncluttered space. You can also add or delete a page as per your choice.

Privacy and Security:-

Mac Lion OS X offers best privacy and safety features for Safari. It would be appropriate to run through them and highlight some of the security and privacy related features that would be of interest to our security-minded audience. You can browse, shop, read, and do anything you want to without bothering about the safety.

Application Privacy Pane:-

It provides you with a privacy pane i.e. you can easily customize cookie settings, clear website data and decide whether websites can request your location information more easily with Privacy Pane. The cool new ‘Privacy Pane’ feature in Safari preferences shows what kind of data websites are storing and enables you to remove it.

Application sand boxing:-

Sandboxing is a feature which prevents the websites from tampering with your computer making you feel insecure. It also protects the system by limiting the kinds of operations an application can perform. The content and applications are Sandboxed to make sure that the sites don’t use exploits to access your system. Sandboxing makes it more difficult for a security threat to take advantage of an issue in a specific application to affect the greater system.

Application Private Auto-Fill:-

This feature is designed to help users fill out forms quickly while keeping personal information. It eradicates the need of filling the information every now and then. Safari detects it whenever it comes across the software and enables you choose to use AutoFill to complete the form with information from your Address Book. This is a good feature, but there is question if it will be able to fight off carefully crafted XSS attacks?

Internet Account Set Up:-

This set up will eliminate the need to set-up your mail account for Gmail, Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail separately. On the other hand you will also get the option of using your Yahoo, Google or AOL accounts with Mail, Address Book, iChat, iCal & other applications in Mac OS X Lion, the very first time when you login your accounts.

Easy Downloading and Download Popover:-

Here pops-up one more feature that is easy downloading and popover. The Safari Mac OS X makes downloading task even more speeder and convenient. Hence the downloading task of software, application, videos, audios etc with any abstraction. There is no separate Safari download window in Mac OS X Lion instead it consist of ‘Download List’ that is visible in Safari main window to let you know the status of the download. While downloading an arrow mark appears to the right of the Smart Search Field and shows you its progress. Clicking on that will provide you with the list of whatever you have downloaded.

Media Caching:-

Media caching allows you to store audio and video data for web applications. The main specialty of media caching is it allows offline media playback and comes out with better media performance even if the net connection is weak.

Multi Touch Gestures:-

Now Safari Mac OS X Lion is available with Multi touch gestures allowing you to tap, scroll without making any fuss. It appears to be very natural and smooth to work on making it lovable. the features in it works in following ways- tap, scroll without any fuss, Tap to zoom, Pinch to zoom and Two finger scroll.