SalamWorld: Worlds first Halal, No-haram social network for Muslims

I guess it was around two years back, that Millat, Pakistan’s own ‘Facebook” was launched. Now a new ‘halal’ version of Facebook is now being launched very soon – sometime in Ramadan in July this year! SalamWorld is the world first, global, multi-language, “no-haram” Islamic IT project for the modern Muslim, catering to the ‘Halal’ market.

Inspired by the fact theat the Muslim population is the world is over 1.5 billion, world-wide, the potential for a social network catering to Muslims is immense, and expects to acquire a user-base of over 50 million in three years.

SalamWorld promises to be a Universal Islamic alternative to popular social networks and hopes to have Muslims generate generate Islamic content for Muslims.

The venture is being financed by some private investors in Kazakstan and Russia and promises to be a truly Islamic Virtual World! The project is being carried out by a team of professionals from 12 different countries with an Executive Board comprising of members from 17 different countries.

Visit to check it out. More in the SalamWorld brochure.

Only time will tell, which way it goes. What do you think!?