Samsung announced 16 MP Smartphone Camera chip

Big Giants of the Smartphone market are really getting serious about the camera sensor. Not too long ago we heard that HTC is planning a 16 Mega pixel Camera phone which will be a Windows Phone 7 device. But till now it’s just a plan. We haven’t noticed any kind of exclusives coming out from this one. Well the platform is all set and again we will be watching Samsung and HTC fighting in the Smartphone Market and this time the “X” Factor will be the Camera.

S5K2P1 chipYes, you read it right… Samsung has developed a 16 Mega Pixel sensor and this sounds better than Sharp’s AQUOS 007SH. Samsung announced its S5K2P1 chip which is loaded with a 16 Mega Pixel Sensor and is all set show off its presence in standalone cameras, camcorders and Smartphones (which gives this one a center of attraction). The sensor uses backside illumination which reduces the noise to a great extent. It’s a 1 / 2.3 inch component. Cool. Isn’t it?

The chip can snap full 16 Mega pixel shots at 30 fps and can record 60fps videos at 8.3 Mega pixel. That’s pretty awesome. But it will record 108p videos at just 2.1 Mega Pixel Resolution.

Well the thing which will matter at the last will the performance of the sensors. Just counting the Mega pixels won’t do at all. In the market you will notice that this Mega pixel has become a common “tag” in the camera market all over the world. But we have noticed some kind of awareness in the minds of the people when it comes to optics. Well if this happens with each and everyone then companies might stop wasting their time in increasing the mega pixel count.

Well this one from Samsung looks a good one. Lets see what change it will bring in the upcoming Smartphones. So just wait and Watch.