Samsung is Looking to Drop Android and Adopt Windows OS for Tablets

In a glitch of so many patents all over the world, Samsung is planning to shift the platform for its Tablets. The move is expected to be announced at a Microsoft developer’s conference in California next week.

The decision came right before hearing of trial in German court, the same case because of which Samsung’s tablets where pulled out of the shelves in IFA-2011 Berlin early this month.

Samsung and Apple are engaged in war over nineteen law suits filed against each other in nine countries. The most significant lawsuit is suit that Apple filed in United States court in California. If the verdict comes out in favor of Apples then it would hurt Samsung badly, Samsung’s largest market in United States. The hearing is scheduled to be in next month Samsung also has problems in selling its Smartphones in Netherlands as well. Samsung has delayed its distribution of smart phones over the same issue.

samsung tablet with windows os

Concerned about so many legal attacks, Samsung now plans to shift its gears. As of now Samsung relies 100% on android. Samsung tablet is not the major revenue generator for the company but still Samsung in focusing on tightening the grip on next generation computer’s market I suppose.

Changing the operating system would be better solution says Samsung

Samsung at least has to have a double bet rather than relying 100% on Android,

said Chang Sea-jin, a business professor at National University of Singapore and author of a book on Samsung.

The legal attacks on each has certainly affected Samsung sales in Europe and America. The turmoil doesn’t seem to end, but how far the new operating system that too Microsoft’s windows help Samsung, we leave it to time to decide.