Samsung Focus S – Tech, Specs and Reveiw

This is another phone in the Samsung Focus series, this is Samsung Focus S! It is the Windows phone with better features than Samsung Focus Flash and higher cost also. It uses latest Windows 7.5 Mango as its operating system. As far as looks are concerned, this one does looks a bit plastic than Focus Flash particularly due to its back cover. With more storage and bigger screen than Samsung Focus Flash this phone surely can give tough competition to HTC’s Windows phones.

Design & Build:

On the first look this phone will look pretty familiar to those who follow phones, as this looks very much similar to Samsung Galaxy S2- an Android phone- on the outside. It has got the same kind of hard plastic- very thin patterned- frame on the back. There is a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack on top of the phone. Volume control button is upwards on the left side of the phone and directly opposite to it on the right side is the power button. There is dedicated camera button which is absent in Samsung Galaxy S2.

The overall shape of the phone is rectangular with rounded edges. throughout, the phone has uniform thickness – 8.5mm thick. Amazingly it’s lighter than its counterpart Samsung Focus Flash weighing just 110.6g. There is a 1.3MP front facing camera and an 8MP camera with LED flash at the back. Present on the bottom is a micro USB port. At the bottom of the screen are three standard Windows phone button i.e. ‘Home’, ‘Search’ and ‘Back’. Press ‘Home’ button and it will take you to the Home screen no matter wherever you are.


This phone has a 2nd generation Qualcomm chipset on which rests a 1.4GHz Scorpion processor. It is a single core processor. Microsoft supported single core CPU’s – because they didn’t get much of the important improvements working on dual core processors. Still the phone has got an exceptionally fast response and can also handle X-Box games. The phone has got 512MB of RAM which is sufficient for all sorts of operation that the phone can perform. The phone comes with a non-expandable memory of 16GB/32GB with 14GB/30GB available for use.

Voice recognition –a feature of Windows OS- is present but its performance is not satisfactory. The speakers are loud and clear and be attributed as good, but  not excellent. There is mobile version of MS Office for handling Word, Excel and Spreadsheet files.

The phone uses Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n for connectivity. It also has Bluetooth v3.0.



This phone has got a 4.3inches screen size with Super AMOLED plus display which looks quite good. It has got a brighter and vivid display than HTC HD7S –a Windows phone. The screen resolution is standard 480 x 800 pixels which translate out into a density of 217 pixels per inch. There’s also a 16 million color display which gives a very nice viewing experience. The capacitive touch is quite a delight to use.

User Interface:

The phone has got a Windows live tile User Interface where you can quickly browse through applications. You can also add or delete any app from your tile interface. You can get the latest update from your social networking profiles, mails from your inbox on the go from live tile interface. By default the live contains Hotmail, picture viewer, Internet Explorer, Zune, X-Box live, Calendar, Windows Marketplace, Samsung Daily Briefing- Samsung’s online portal-, Bing maps etc.


This phone has got an 8MP camera with a LED flash which can shoot pictures upto 3264 x 2448 resolutions. The autofocus feature makes the clicks easier for an amateur. Again the dedicated camera button- a standard feature of the Windows phone, which is not present in Android phones-, makes the task easier for clicking photos. Image stabilization and smile detection is also there. With this camera you can record videos upto 720p. Present on the front is a 1.3MP front facing camera for video chatting.


You get the updates from your social network profiles right on the live tile. There is Hotmail application for managing the mails and if you don’t use hotmail then there’s an option to configure another mail on the live tile interface. Then there is threaded SMS view. For surfing internet there is Internet Explorer 9- the mobile version of browser. The integrated Bing map is very handy at times. There is built in YouTube player.

With this phone you share Internet with up to five clients but it will of course reduce your browsing speed.


This phone has got a standard Li-Ion 1650mAh battery. The phone gets very good battery life, lasting a full day even with heavy usage. Battery efficiency can be largely attributed to 2nd generation processors which are much efficient than their 1st generation counterparts in terms of power consumption.

Call Quality:

Reception in the phone is quite good. Call quality is very good. Speaker phones are natural and nice; though they not super loud but these works good for calls.

As far as its release is concerned, it has been released in November, 2011. But there’s no news about its release in India. It is priced at $199.99 with two years AT&T contract and $549.99 without any commitment.