Samsung Galaxy Ace gets an unofficial Gingerbread update

The Android Gingerbread revolution is rising up, companies pushing Gingerbread updates to their Android v2.2 phones. Samsung recently pushed the Gingerbread update to Galaxy S.

And now the most selling entry level optimized Smartphone of Samsung, Galaxy Ace now having Android 2.3 update.

Considering the hardwares of the phone, the phone should have been factory made with Gingerbread rather than Froyo. Galaxy Ace is rich made in the hardware sense where Froyo is bottlenecking it, upgrading to Gingerbread ROM, the phone will function as smooth as silk.

This release of Gingerbread for Samsung Galaxy Ace isn’t official, its an unofficial update and going wrong may even break your device so be careful or wait for official update push from Samsung.

If you are eager enough then you can get the update from here, desperate users can follow this update where as newbies should wait for the official update.

We tested the firmware locally here and were surprised with the sudden change in the performance of the phone, the phone works lot faster than previous also the graphics performance is increased and UI has became smooth. We think it uses more RAM but that wont be the case as the phone is more faster. It even increased the camcorder resolution to 640×480 and all new Gingerbread theme is also ready to show off.

Though its a great update but as we told above, If you are a Geek then use this unofficial update or else wait for the official push from Samsung.

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