Samsung Galaxy S II AT&T Says Coming Soon, Page Goes Live

There was a news last month that Samsung Galaxy S II is finally launching to hit the market store in U.S. at the end of the month. And as they have already promised, the marketing plans for them has already been started by Samsung. While one of the most interesting thing is that the American Market has never saw the face of Samsung Galaxy S II yet which is currently one of most spectacular as well as the top most biggest brand in production today.

While AT&T who has always been the top carriers in the American Market has finally launched the page for Samsung Galaxy S II live, expecting it to make complete work by the end of this month. Anyone people would have to wait for more one week since they haven’t started taking orders yet.

However, no one actually knows when it would be available in the market. But one thing is for sure, that Samsung Galaxy S II has to make it way with a huge impression in the market particularly when its another previous Tablet has been failed to impress the audience along with having so many troubles. While if you are one of the citizen of United Status an have been waiting for this particular device, then this news would surely praise you.

While you wont believe that Samsung has launched an AD for the promotion of its new upcoming product, Samsung Galaxy S II. Interestingly if you take a closer look on the Advertisement, you would get a feeling that its more like an Apple Ad instead of Samsung Ad. The ad has been titled “the Way we are Wired”, while the best factor of this Ad is that the music, sound as well Video consist of a perfect Apple Advertisements.

So move right away and start collecting more information from your nearest AT&T store to find out more information on the arrival dates as well as on Price factors.

Check out the Galaxy S II page over here and keep refreshing until you see a Pre-order button.