Samsung Galaxy Nexus to launch in January in India too!

India is included in the 18 countries which will be getting Galaxy Nexus in the first wave. Back in November the registrations started in the country as the phone was expected to be launched till mid December. However it won’t happen as the phone is pushed for January launch.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus proved to be an iPhone 4S killer with unbelievable performance and jaw dropping specifications. The first phone to power Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) has already launched in United States and some other countries where the users are extremely happy with its usage and performance.

Already there are too many products launch scheduled in India for December, this is the reason why Galaxy Nexus is pushed for January launch as reported by BGR after confirming from Samsung India. It looks like a smart move from Samsung, where they are expecting high sales figure.

Already selling iOS 5 and Windows Phone 7.5 devices, the next major game changer will be seen floating in the markets within next four weeks. Highly priced iPhone 4S  in India brought gloomy feeling between masses who eagerly waited for the device more than a year. Launch of Galaxy Nexus will bring relief for these people as their wait was fruitful.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus being an alternative to iPhone 4S  along with some others will be next heavily demanded smartphone after Samsung Galaxy S II. The price is not known yet but it is expected to be somewhere between Rs. 33,000/- to Rs. 38,000/- INR and that’s why people will always prefer Galaxy Nexus over iPhone 4S, except fanboys.

India is not only the country to face Galaxy Nexus shipment delay. Along with India, USA (Verizon) and UK shipments are also pushed forward by few weeks. Those who have already registered for Galaxy Nexus will get their device as soon as it is launched, so if you are finding an alternative to iPhone 4S, better go for Galaxy Nexus.


    1. Do buy this phone, it will be totally worth its price. You can also consider other options like Moto Razr, do check my other post where I’ve covered iPhone 4S alternatives.

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