Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specs and Release Date Rumors: Note 3 to feature Plastic OLED Display

Over the last few weeks, we have had many rumors dropping in related to Galaxy Note 3, especially the ones claiming that the Smartphone will come with a near unbreakable display. These rumors were apparent after Samsung revealed that they are working on bendable displays which lends some sort of flexibility thus rendering the display less breakable.

Source: iTechWhiz
Source: iTechWhiz

According to the latest rumors by OLED Association, this unbreakable display on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be a plastic OLED display, which will be thinner, lighter and less brittle than the standard glass substrate OLED displays. This plastic OLED display on our beloved Note 3 would be coming in a 5.99 inch wide diagonal screen and will have an RGB stripe, according to the rumors. It does not give any details about the display’s resolution.

The report further added that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 3 in IFA 2013 and the Smartphone will go on sale in Q4 of this year, although we advise you to take it with a pinch of salt since we doubt the launch and availability details leaking from the display manufacturer.

Previously there have been rumors that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come with a new design in contrast with previous Samsung flagship models. Samsung was worried after seeing the build of HTC One and said that it would concentrate on the build and quality of its devices.

Note 3 leak comparison

It is expected from Samsung to move to high end quality materials like Aluminium as compared to plastics it employs for the casing of its devices, although it is hard to imagine that Samsung will start using plastic-based OLED displays now. It remains to be seen if that all such changes will work in favor of or against the Korean giant. Other rumored specifications of the phablet flagship Note 3 includes 8 core processor, 2 GB of RAM, 13 MP camera and more.

You can read our previous rumor collection for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs iPhone 5S for more details. The full report from OLED association can be read here, where more details are given related to the technological working. Keep following us for more such rumors to keep you updated and follow us on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook to keep you posted.

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  1. Samsung displays using Gorilla Glass are characteristically rich and colorful, with black blacks, and a brightness thats almost too much to look at even in a well-lit room when set to 100%. I keep mine down around 25%.

    Plastic OLED displays are not quite as nice as that… or at least they weren’t a mere 8 months ago, when I finally got a chance to see one in action. That said, don’t get me wrong, the plastic ones are still very nice… and, indeed, flexible.

    I worry, though, about scratch resistance. Gorilla Glass is remarkably scratch resistant; and if one gets a high-quality, firm screen/scratch protector, then it will remain scratch free pretty much forever. I was able to put tiny swirl scratches in the plastic OLED screen with just a McDonalds napkin.

    [sigh] Oh, well. [sigh] These manufacturers just can’t stop changing things; fixing stuff that ain’t broke, as they say. Microsoft’s notorious for it (though it Windows 8’s case, it appears that it has learned its lesson and will be restoring, in Windows 8.1, much of what it took from Windows 7 in Windows 8); so why should Samsung be any different.

    Hopefully, when the Note 3 finally comes out, AT&T will stop thinking that it needs to sell the original Note for $200, like it currently is. Maybe the cost of the original Note will finally come down to $50 to $100, where it has actually belonged for some time, now.

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